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Siegfried Schreiber | Sensual wood turnings
Sensual wood turnings    by Siegfried Schreiber
Siegfried Schreiber’s work is timeless and universal, so much so, that it gives the impression of having been around for a very long time. It comes as no great surprise that many of those who see it are reminded of Japanese or ancient Egyptian art. He succeeds in transforming a substance as individual and perishable as wood into archetypes that bring out aesthetic ideals hidden deep within us.

Our intuitive recognition of his pieces is deceptive. They are so accessible and appeal to our senses in so many ways that we are mislead to believe that the object we see and touch is so obviously beautiful and striking that it needs no further examination.
However, Schreiber’s more recent work invites us to stop and take the time to concentrate on the experience with an intensity it deserves.

Hans Frieder Dietz, University Bielefeld
Siegfried Schreiber | Sensual wood turnings