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1940 Born in Stuttgart, Germany | My childhood years are spent with 10 brothers and sisters in
a house with a large garden
  School years come to an end | A tale of woe is over
1956 - 1959
  Work for a wood-working company | Another tale of woe begins
1960 - 1961
  Leaving Germany behind for a year of travel in Africa | The beginning of a new life
1962 - 1965
  College entrance examination, MA in Education,
Theology and Political Science
| I enjoy my new life with ever-growing enthusiasm
1965 - 1990
  I teach elementary school and junior high school, and
later German and Social Studies at a vocational college
| Teaching is the most wonderful profession I can think of
1980 - 1990
  Growing interest in politics and involvement with the peace movement | My political activities result in serious problems with school authorities
  Resignation from public service as a teacher, set-up of
my own woodworking studio
| Saying good-bye to life as a teacher is hard, but it opens up new
opportunities and challenges. I discover my passion for artistic work
  Invitation to the Woodworker Summit in Matsumoto,
Japan. Exhibition of my work there
| My work is greatly appreciated in Japan
  Award-winning presentation at the Crafts Festival at the Expo Toyama, Japan | Meeting with 180 artists from all around the world is an inspiring experience
  Arts and Crafts award from the city of Sindelfingen. Exhibitions in Wilmington, USA, Loughborough, Great Britain, and Kyoto, Japan | This is a year of amazing experiences at home and abroad
  Publication of my work in various journals and
further exhibitions in Germany and other countries
| My work is very successful and is able to sustain me and my family, making me an independent artist
  Art Austria Award Honorable Mention by the State of Baden-Württemberg
  Arts and Crafts Award from the State of Hesse | Winning so many awards is very encouraging
1998   Baden-Württemberg State Award Karl-Reuss-Award for design in Arts and Crafts, Stuttgart | I experiment with new and larger objects, exploring their kinetic qualities
2004   Baden-Württemberg International Design Award "Focus Dialog"
2007   Artist in Residence at Art University Philadelphia, International Turning Exchange 2007
2009   Audience Award of the international Syrlin Art Award, section sculptures
2010   Syrlin Art Award

Solo and group exhibitions | in Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Hanover, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Vienna, Zurich and Tokyo. Regular presentations of my work at the Frankfurt trade shows Ambiente and Tendence; presentations at the Cologne furniture show Passagen and at the Grassi museum¹s Grassimesse at Leipzig. Art galleries in Japan, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Dubai, Puerto Rico and most EU member show my work.


18.05. Death

Siegfried Schreiber | Sensual wood turnings