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High-quality uniques  manufactured aesthetic
High-quality uniques     manufactured aesthetic
As we all know, wood continually changes, warping and cracking. Siegfried Schreiber has succeeded in “relaxing” the tensions in the wood, and ours along with them. His deep understanding of the material manifests itself in his objects: regardless of size, whether they are large and massive or delicate and translucent – none of them ever warps or cracks.

Schreiber’s art to me is very physical, it is a wisdom that has gathered within in his body. He himself says: “My hands are guided by intuition.” The creation of an object becomes an act of meditation. He relies on his intuition, on the wood and his tools to guide him, and does the right thing, at the right time.

These sensual wood turnings succeed in achieving something very special: they appeal to all our senses simultaneously, affording us a deeply gratifiying experience.

Hans Frieder Dietz, University Bielefeld
Siegfried Schreiber | Sensual wood turnings